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Have you ever tried to change a habit…or start a new DAILY practice….SUCH AS…a new workout program, eating healthy, or blogging, ONLY to end up falling off the wagon at some point?

You and I both know that “change” does not come magically just because you decided to get on a treadmill one day. (or for 21 days).
I have discovered that changing a habit is much muuuuuuch more possible when we understand the cycle of change and the transitional process that occurs naturally (despite our best laid out plans and well intentioned efforts).


We desire to be better people and THAT requires change.

We experience change when we put efforts towards TRANSITIONING from a current state of being (from what we currently know and have always done) to a future state (what we desire to be, do and have).

In order to arrive at a desired “better”/new way of being, it is important for us to view change as a process.

We need to break CHANGE down into its individual components so that we can (at any point in time) pin point where we are…and therefore….have a better handle of how to get ourselves back on track through CONSTANT CUSTOMIZATION and review.

You can also say that successful change also requires successful change management.

In fact I have discovered that the management of change is actually what increases the chances of change rather than change itself. Not sure if that makes sense, but lets break it down. (more…)

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The gap between who you currently are and who you want to be is found in your daily routine. What you do with your time, each day, and each week will determine how soon you get what you want. With my weekly planning sheets you can plan for success instead of failure. (more…)


When the time has come for you to add a personality & face to the ideas that have been incubating in your mind, it is important to differentiate your brand from the pack.

You have to stand out.

You have to be memorable. (more…)



Decorate your IPAD with this pretty #LoveYourLife Wallpaper. I believe that we can wake up everyday and enjoy every moment (no matter what circumstances we may face). We must learn to push all negative thoughts away and focus on developing a positive outlook. Yes! You too can Love Your Life starting now! (more…)



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If we took the time to think things through (instead of running off into action) we wouldn’t spend as much time, energy and money trying to make things happen with force…clarity is the fastest way to truly accomplish anything.